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Loving this so far! I think this will generate a hype for sure!

I played through act 0 and I really enjoy the puzzles, battle mechanics and art style :) 

Thanks so much for checking it out!

Absolutely wonderful! Love it so far, looking forward to seeing more <3 Keep up the great work!

Hey Alarkus, I'm really interested in doing an Item Location walkthrough for all of the important key items and even items of less significance that still have applicable use. Is there any literature one can use to track these items down?

Hey Violet, we don't actually have anything like that lying around, but if you hop into our discord, perhaps the Wiki community can help!

This game is adorable :D Part 1

Did part 2 today :) thanks for the tip, Alarkus! 

What a nice experience, I've only gotten about 30 minutes in but I really liked what I saw! (Music was especially amazing) So many references and great jokes along with wonderful atmosphere. Can't wait to see what the rest of act 1 has to show me, and can't wait for the release of act 2!

This Punny game was an absolute delight! This game might be the only indie game I plan on doing more than one part for! :) Hope Act two is just as awesome and creative. 

This game will seriously pull you in!! Old School RPG feel with some amazing cheezy humor and depth.

i reeally liked this game, i honestly cannot wait for the release!



how did yall get custom sprite into the game????

I drawed them

I Remeber, Back on gamejolt...

Hello had the pleasure of playing your game for my Indie Game Showcase.  I really enjoyed the game a lot. My only thing is seems like Alice would veer off sometimes when playing with control. Other than that I thought it was adorable and looking forward to the full release.

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In the way on deltarune will have an second episode of the game inside 7 years, I start praying for the game isn't come inside of 10 or more (rest of acts. I refear horror vale). I'm scared.

PD: It's really good the game

I really enjoy the art style on this game, going to give it a try.

nice game

im haveing a bit of troble starting it up but when i saw the trailers i immediately fell in love with this gamr and i love the mother series esc stuff, so thank you for existing and creating this game

Is there a way for me to download the soundtrack? I absolutely love the music and would like to listen to it more.

Thank you! We currently have a few tracks up on our youtube channel but when Act 1 is released we're hoping to release a soundtrack alongside it.

I just played through the demo, and I love it! The world building and humor are absolutely fantastic! My one complaint would be maybe tell the player about running earlier? Other than that, I have no complaints!

So what do you think?

In regards to an MV port, it's not something we're looking into at the moment. VX Ace is doing the job for what we want to accomplish. Thanks for your interest though!

I've completed the entire series in 5 parts, and I am fairly , certain that I've explored and found everything. 

If you get stuck on getting out of the mansion check part 1.

If you get stuck on finding the location of the generators, check part 4.

If you get stuck on the music part of the Forgotten Mansion and just want to know how to get the medallion, watch part 5.  More generally, part 5 has the wraps questline, and a walkthrough of the forgotten mansion.

Hey, I'm really looking forward to this game's release. I also jumped on board for the Monster Design contest and I have high hopes for it. Quick question, though: do you guys have any plans to release this game for all computer platforms, or is it going to be a  Windows exclusive release? Cuz I'd really like to play the game but am limited to a Mac at this time. 

We'd love to be able to get it on Mac but we're working with VX Ace so it's not entirely straightforward. If we figure something out though we'll definitely look into getting out a Mac version of Demo No.2! Have you tried running it in a program like WineBottler?


Did you make this in RPG Maker VX Ace?


We did!

Would you want a port of it in MV? Cause I'm up for doing it. I have experience ^^

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I also wouldn't mind it being the demo only. Cause the game isn't finished yet I take it?

I don't care if the demo is free shut up and take my money

Game is pretty good.
Also was I right about Nitrorad or what?


This was a really fun demo, but how long is the demo in total? I just got out of the house btw.

I want to complete the demo, and I just want to know how many episodes I am committing to.


The demo is roughly around an hour long but some people have played it for 2. We've also just released a patch that fixes a game breaking bug, so please re-download it! (Copy your save and it will still work)

Alright, thank you for your help!


can I help ? I love this game! do you have discord or twitter?


We do have a Discord!!!

Can i get an explanation to what i'm supposed to do with the medallions? please...

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There are three medallions in the mansion in total. To find the one you're missing, try one of the rooms on the west side of the mansion's top floor. Once you've got them all, you need to head down the stairs to the very bottom floor. Once you're there, you should see how you can use them. Good luck! (Don't worry about the pink fiend for now)

Thank You!

Hands down one of the best games I have ever played. You guys deserve so much praise. Keep up the amazing work.


I really like the art style and the music is great. I'm looking forward to the full release.


I absolutely loved playing this game! And I definitely can't wait until the full release! I made a video for it also:


I loved the demo of this and am looking forward to this getting updates in the future! Humour is great, the combat is great, art is great and overall it was just a really fun experience. While they may exist somewhere, I personally didn't run into any issues or glitches while playing so nothing to report on that end.

Good luck with continuing this ^.^